27 Years deep in battle scars has led me to step into the world of advisory from a notable track record . A background started straight from University on a graduate accounting training programme with Laura Ashley  In those humble days I worked closely in the development , growth and scale up of an iconic brand

From these foundations I have had the privilege of holding executive posts with Virgin, Cisco , Dell and numerous international multi nationals driving value chains and creating wealth for stakeholders. My time in M&A has given me a passion of valuing, negotiating and implementing JVs, subsidiaries in foreign geographies spanning Europe , MENA ,Japan and the states

A Strategic mind for ever up skilling in 2010 I completed my Masters in financial Management from the prestigious London University concentrating on banking and corporate finance.  Therefore as you can see my background of 27 years is totally industry, were I gained the extensive robust tools at the highest board level and interaction through non financial stakeholders

All the principles of Azam are the same , we know business full stop. This is what makes us unique and this is why we can say we are trusted business advisors . Without a solid commercial legacy you can not advise or add value

The accountancy industry has evolved as now only 3% of what we do is compliance- ticking boxes, the remainder is all advisory. But from who do you take counsel? That is the question. Do you rely on those who have spent years creating value and wealth, building relationships and  legendary companies and making dreams reality.  or do you take it from  those who have learnt it from a book! No one seems to answer the actual question “ what problem am I solving”? at Azam everything starts from this very question

Were unique as our immense business knowledge spans from start ups to large scale group structures across numerous industries , deployed through the Azam Masterclass. This is what REAL advisory and accounting is. I will help you achieve all your goals , achieve that work life balance , create legendary businesses and then we will make sure you keep what you made through our highly skilled accounting and tax teams

At Azam we leave are Egos at the door, we let our results speak. We get offended at the conservative Geeky accountants  sitting behind calculators and not delivering. We are the same as you the bold , the brave those who dream. And this is the reason why I created Azam Consultancy. The accountants of the brave !